My Story


Elfina Mulier – that’s me. A beautiful woman like you.

As I see it, being a great woman is not about displaying beauty or achieving success. It’s about finding your inner strength, balance and feeling good. It’s about being honest to yourself, listening to your heart and about living and acting boldly in accordance with your values.

The strong women I admire make honest choices in their daily life. Impacting others positively, often invisibly, behind the scenes. Mirroring the strengths of previous generations of women, becoming role models for the next.

I have always loved clothes and style, but I could never see myself in fashions dictated by an industry. Beauty should not be about satisfying others. My personal style is about being feminine on my own terms. I want to share the inner smile that makes a woman shine.

Elfina Mulier is for you – and for your inner smile.